Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Officer Michael Swim and Officer B.J. Cassidy

Let’s hear it for the City of Atlantic Beach and Capt. Mike Classey for giving the Mayport Corridor 2 officers to bring back small town policing. Officer's Swims and Cassidy are going to do some serious foot work to get to know us. They are going to help improve our relationship with the police and get out meet us. The two officers will be patrol on foot and bicycle to make them selves more visible to us. Swims and Cassidy will be patrolling mainly on the weekends and early evenings to meet us and also talk about any problems we are having the area. So if you see them out and about feel free to flag them down and kindly introduce yourself to them. They should be starting their patrol in Mid-August.

I would like to personally welcome Officer Michael Swim and Officer B.J. Cassidy to your new positions and we will be seeing you around.

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