Thursday, August 7, 2008

Be Safe

Last weekend was an eventful weekend. I must admit I do let down my guard around the beaches because I have grown up around here and feel truly at home here. But I can honestly say that letting down your guard in these times is not such a bright idea. The beaches has a wonderful trolley for us to enjoy. I highly recommend this when you are with a group or even ridding solo in the PM but as soon as we hit the AM schedule it might be your best option to take a cab. Last weekend I decided to venture out to the Jax Beach side of town, which I rarely do. Generally I stay right here in my neighborhood "Marsh Oaks" and visit the local watering hole within walking distance. Well I decided to take the trolley to Atlantic Beach from North Jax Beach around 1:00 AM and was all by myself. Can you guess what happened.....Two guys tried to rob me for what ever I had on me. They walked up to me right on 3'rd Street and said "Give me your Phone Bi$#*, and Empty out your Pockets!" They did not have any visible weapons and I refuse to go with out a fight so all I could do is say "NO, Get away from me, I am not going to give you anything of mine, and I just kept saying it over and over." Finally a nice couple who saw me at the bar across the street happened to pass by and see what was happening and pulled over and asked If I needed a ride. I did not hesitate, at that point I had no clue what I got myself into but I just knew I had to get off the street. They ended up being really nice and dropped me off in Atlantic Beach. I am really lucky nothing else happened. Unfortunately I did not call the police but the least I can do at this point is let all of you know who to look out for and please try to be safe. Coastal Cab is now my Best Friend for rides home, I am not sure I will even ride the trolley if I was with others. It is just a different town than even a few years ago. Be aware and stay safe.

If anyone knows who that couple is, tell them thank you from me. There are not many folks who will do such a nice thing anymore. But they did.

Here is what the crooks looked like:

2 young guys around 17'ish
Both African American
One was Chubby about 5'10" with a slight afro
the other was taller and a more slender build with short hair.
It happened around 17'th North Going North on 3'rd.

I learned my lesson, I am a grown up with a family. To much to loose, I will no longer be venturing out, for something different to do. I guess someone is trying to tell me keep close to home. Also I will invest in a nice can of mace, ASAP.

Thanks - Lindsay


ken said...

Stay away from Jax Beach, its where all the yokels go. People give my home in Mayport a bad rap. But i would rather be here than in Jax anyday, I dont know if it is cause that is where all the public parking is or what but it is full of riff raff at pretty much all hours of the day

VICTORIA said...

Nice recap of the meeting.

For those of us who reside at the northwest end of Atlantic Beach, I must diff sadly on the effect of the storm on our power. We lost it (both power and patience) at 5:30 am Thursday morning. It was restored about five hours later only to go out at 2 pm until 9 pm. Yes, the JEA crews were wonderful and braved those 45+ mph winds and rain to finish the repair in the darkness. We experienced sporadic outages on Friday. Sunday evening we lost power again for an hour. JEA reported they responded quickly on Sunday evening because they were in the neighborhood making other repairs. There was a tree limb involved. I approached Mayor Meserve on Monday night before the meeting to request his help addressing the chronic outages we experience. He was receptive and others also voiced their concerns later in the open forum. No doubt our beautiful trees impact our electrical service. JEA has a rotational schedule for tree trimming every three years! Not sufficient given our experience. We need attention to this problem and a fix!