Monday, August 18, 2008

Stick It to Them....or Us

For all of you who want contact information for our commissioners and papers, here you go:

Feel Free to Let Everyone know how you stand on a subject.

Click here to get directed to the COAB web site with the commissioners numbers and email. If you are going to email the commissioners be aware that they rarely respond to the email addresses. But it does go on public record if you email them at the COAB address. Also you can request to view all public records from the Clerk, and print to paper at a price per page, if interested.

John Fletcher: 616-2447 (cell)

Paul Parsons: 247-1473 (home)

Mike Borno: 246-9383 (home), 607-3256 (cell)

Caroline Woods: 241-8973 (home)
Mayor John Meserve: 424-7251 (cell)

Letters to the Editor:

Beaches Leader -
Florida Times Union - Shorelines -

If they do not publish your letter call them and ask them why or simply resubmit your article for the next printing.

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