Monday, June 23, 2008

Crime We Know About

I would like to try to keep as many people as possible informed about what I know about local crime. I know we had a shooting at the 2'nd West and Main Street area. Police said it was just a fight, but they did shoot a fire arm. If you want to comment back about local crime; so we can all stay involved and get a better idea of how we can stay safe, feel free to comment. Also we started a Neighborhood Watch meeting with the help of Det. Tiffany Layson. For now it reaches the span of Main Street from 3'rd to 6'th West. After we get more organized we can span out to those neighbors interested in joining. If you would like to start a neighborhood watch of your own, please contact Det. Layson with the Atlantic Beach Police Department and she can help you out with your block organization.
Cuddos to Pam H. for catching robbers in the act a few months back. We, on our block, have had minor theft. Several residents have had delivery packages taken from there porches while they were away, these are all things that we have to keep an eye out for. Please report them to the local police non-emergency number, so they can focus on the issue at large.

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CEYAL8R said...

Hopefully all of the attention that the Mayport Rd. corridor is getting will be put to some good. I personally do not think much of the Mayor's Curb