Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mayport Road Updates

Work is underway on the Mayport Road coridor. I have personally had experience with many construction projects and I would like to hand out a compliment to Rick Harper and the team that is handeling this project. The work is being done with minimal interuption to traffic. I personaly cannot wait to see the improvements finished.

However they cannot forsee many of the interuptions and difficulties that we the residents of this area have to deal with on a daily basis. I encourage anyone who is experiencing any difficulty to post problems under this post. Also please contact Mr. Carper. his information is listed below. He puts out a weekly briefing on the progress of work. If you would like to recieve this simply email him and request to be on the mailing list.

Ricky L. Carper, P.E. Public Works Director/City Engineer City of Atlantic Beach 1200 Sandpiper Lane Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 PH: (904) 247-5834 Fax: (904) 247-5843


Ken said...

Hello I enjoy reading the updates here on whats going on. I was wondering if you could do a update on the potential cruise terminal and what is going on with the Palms buildings, they are very ugly.

Stephanie Patton said...

I had heard through a friend that mayport road once had medians, I was also told that they were torn up due to the access for emergency vehilcles. I myself have seen in the past week three emergency vehicles being forced to make u-turns at the paublo plaza area. I was wondering if their were any intentions on making more access to neighborhoods on the left side of Mayport road

Mo said...

The city of Atlantic Beach notified the owner of the Palms Apts. that there is a time line he must adhere to regarding either selling the place or starting or continuing some sort of construction. I think it is about 3 months.
As for the medians and turn lanes on Mayport Rd., those were decided upon few years ago. This project involving the FDOT (Fl. Dept. of Transportation), the city of Jacksonville and the city of Atlantic Beach, has been in the works a long time. Heading north on Mayport Rd. from Atlantic Blvd. the first left turn will be 10th St.(Murr's Autos) You can go to the City of Atlantic Beach website, and look at the maps showing where turns, etc. will be. Thank you for the forum!

Anonymous said...

I see this so called "improvement" as a disaster. We are moving because of this...AND I just "DARE" an officer to try to cite me for making a u-turn @ the light at TERRYS Grocery...I'll fight that all the way to Congress...At what cost to the merchants do we make "so-called" improvements. In an email from Atl Bch city hall, the medians are to protect prodestrians that walk Mayport Rd....yeah right! There are turn lanes that go off into "NO WHERE"...The traffic engineer that developed this plan ain't fit to run a Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Palace....Give me a break. It's only going to cause MORE traffic accidents, not solve them. What a waste of $$$$. You can bet that if elected city officials lived ANY where near Mayport Rd, this crap would NOT be happening. Until next time...Call Me P*ssed Off!

Anonymous said...

I agree these improvements are nothing but a WASTE of tax dollars! How many police or teachers could the city hire with the money they are spending on this? The person who had this idia is a IDIOT!

More pissed off!!!!!!