Monday, July 7, 2008

Mayport Road Issues and Organization

Many of you are really concerned with the Mayport Road redevelopment.

Here is project def from COAB Dec. 12, 2005:
Mayport Road (SR A1A/101) is an urban, minor arterial roadway, under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The Cities of Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville have identified the need for Access Management Strategies along Mayport Road to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian crashes along the corridor.

This is strictly from what I know, I would love for a city official to tap in if possible. My main goal is to make sure I do not misinterpret anything and lead us in the wrong direction.

I do agree that the construction is the pits but personally I kind of went through my issues with Mayport Road during the construction of the flyover. I felt that the flyover should not have been constructed until Wonderwood was completed, so I was against its construction. We too have to make u-turns or drive 10 blocks out of our way to get to our homes. But it was a construction project that FDOT also had their hand in. One thing that we have to realize is our small govt. and even the City of Jacksonville have an obligation to follow the recommendations of the FDOT in order to get the funding for the project. Our city officials have little pull on the decisions made by the FDOT. We can beat up the city as much as we want to but one strong point that must be made is that the construction is not completed and we have no idea what the long term ramifications of this will do to our community and the safety of our citizens. The road is being completed in phases we have just gone though one small phase of construction and have several more to contend with. They still are going to assess the light issues and recalibration of the walking signals, they still have to scrape the roads and repave amongst other things. As for the businesses, I am not to sure they have been loosing any revenue due to the construction or U-turns, if there are business owners who have lost revenue since the construction start please feel free to comment and update me. The construction also consists of U-Turn pop outs to give you more room on your U-Turn. Working along with the Construction effort the city has implemented Dale Hatfield who will work with the businesses and residents to follow code regulations to make our city more presentable to those who drive down Mayport Road. The policing efforts to crack down on crime in the corridor will also be a big plus for us. I do understand the stress and tension the construction has caused but it is not finished yet. We have many trials and tribulations to yet still be explored before we can finalize our decisions on the construction.


Ken said...

As much as people hate to make all these U-turns, I do too. I do believe it has hampered some of these yokels crossing the streets on their bikes whenever they feel the need. And i cant tell you how many times i saw women crossing babies in strollers across the busiest part of the road, so sad, use the crosswalk. I believe it is working at stopping those things a bit.

Lindsay Libhart said...

Right on, It is astonishing how many people try to play chicken with the cars on Mayport. I believe it will make a improvement in pedestrian injuries for sure. I make a U-Turns every morning during the work week for the last 2 years under the flyover and I don't have any issues with it. It is just part of my driving route.