Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Want to get something off your chest....

If you have any thing you would want to post or comment about, both positive and negative. Feel free to either email me to either post the article as a different identity or in your name, or if you even want to frequently post articles you can be a co-author of this blog. We are open to your community interests or even if you want to let everyone know about an event, it is a great venue for you to post your notice. I look forward to either hearing from you or posting your post. Once again when posting either through me or being added as a co-author it is extremely important to sound professional and factual, and profanity is strictly prohibited. Thanks Neighbors.


Jeanne Breault, REALTOR® said...

I love what you're doing here! I would love to be an "author" with you, but I have several blogs, none of which I'm posting to as often as I should be. I think I'd better stick with trying to be more faithful to my own blog posting! I share your spirit and hope you to feel free to link to or use anything I post that you find useful.

Your blog has inspired me to do a better job with my own! I look forward to working with you to make Atlantic Beach an even better place to live!

Anonymous said...

I agree that those of us living west of Mayport Road should have a representative on the commission who lives west of Mayport Road. I have lived in AB for nearly 45 years (with brief periods away) - both east of Mayport Road in "Olde" Atlantic Beach and now, west of Mayport Road in Section H (I know, the commission wanted us to feel better so they prettied up our name to Marsh Oaks but it's still Sec. H on the plat).

I have gone to meetings as a resident of Section H, along with many others who lived here when they assessed us for paving, etc. (which we are still paying for) - no one seemed to listen.

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