Monday, July 7, 2008

The Palms - Its an EYESORE

Welcome to the Beautiful area of Atlantic Beach and Mayport. On the right is a deserted building much like that found in blighted urban American cities. The owner had every intention of building beautiful luxury condos on the land but then the economy took a hit. Being in the construction industry I have felt this crunch more than ever so I can empathize to an extent. But I am also a citizen of this community and look at those horrible shells at least 6 times or more a day. This is my gateway to my home. I know the city has been trying to work with the owner to come to some sort of conclusion to this investment property, but who knows when the resolve will be. I would love to see some beautiful buildings on that lot but at this moment I would also love to see a big open field and those shells demolished. It might not be a bad idea to clear the land to make available for sale to another investor. But I do believe because of this issue the city has implemented codes and regulations to try to stop this from happening again. If anyone has any facts on the Palms please feel free to comment. Please also do not forget that our local government and the person who owns the property are both professionals.


Anonymous said...

its time to do something about these buildings. this is a terrible eyesore to the city.

Ken said...

At least bulldoze them, it has to be cheaper than paying someone about 3 times a week to paint over some ridiculous spraypaint.

Lindsay Libhart said...

I agree, bulldozing them would be the best alt. now that we have looked at them for 2 years.

Erin said...

I'm pretty sure he has been given a time limit as to when the situation needs to be rectifid. I hope the city will stand firm on this date, seeing how it is the law now. Maybe it will help other areas of the city find a loop hole to stop this slum lord from monopololizing property that could be utilized more efficiently. I know the ecomomy is in a slump but this man doesn't have any problems keeping the lights on.

Anonymous said...

I think that he should turn it into something for kids to enjoy. We have skate lab across the street. Why not a pool park or paintball? Something to new and fresh to keep the kids from making trouble. I think Mayport Rd. need something more kid or young adult friendly that could also put out some revenue. Just a thought.

Lindsay Libhart said...

Below is a Email feed in reference to The Palms from David Sellers a Sec. H Resident. Read from the bottom up.

Thanks John,

I can tell you, if the city grants another time extension, there will be a community outrage as much as there was with Paul's proposal last week.
Please do the right thing and persuade the other commissioners to vote against another time extension.

Thank you.

Dave Sellers
----- Original Message -----
From: "John L. Fletcher, CPCU, ARM,
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9:54 AM
Subject: The Palms

Here is the note from Jim Hanson on this.

If the commission grants an extension, the time of the extension is at
the discretion of the commission. I don't think there is support for a
long extension -- if anything, enough time to get an up or down on
financing from the Jax Housing Authority on a loan to build. I think
this is the property owner's last ditch effort to get this done...

Thanks and let me know if you have further thoughts or questions.

Best regards.

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From: Hanson, Jim
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 8:47 AM
To: John L. Fletcher, CPCU, ARM, AAI
Subject: RE: The Palms Apts

We can discuss the franchise fee for debris haulers when we meet on
The section of the Code allowing for an appeal to the Commission from
nuisance violations reads as follows:
" (b) Upon written notification, or the posting of the property, and
within the time allotted for correction, the owner and/or occupant of
the property may make written request to the city commission for a
hearing before that body to show that the condition does not constitute
a public nuisance. At the hearing, the city and the property owner
and/or occupant may introduce such evidence as deemed necessary."
There is no limit on the Commission's ability to overturn staff's
determination of a nuisance at the Palms Apartments or on your ability
to grant a time extension to come into compliance.
If you need anything else on this, just let me know.

Lindsay Libhart said...

Here is John's Email Reply to the above email feed from John Fletcher and David Sellers.

Thanks for the input Dave. Hypothetically, if he secured financing in October, and filed a development plan and began the permitting process, what should we do? Should we proceed with demolition? Or should we allow him to see the process through?

If I understand the ordinance we passed, any structure in the course of construction or demolition must pass a major inspection every 6 months.
I'm not sure how we can grant an extension beyond the time frame outlined in the ordinance unless there is a plan in place to actually pass an inspection.....

It's a conundrum. Perhaps there will be light shed by the City Attorney Monday night. I'm pretty sure it's the will of the commission hold the property owner's feet to the fire.

If I learn anything in the meantime, I'll pass it along...

Thanks again for the email!!